High Security System for Smart Card Factory, Algier

SEB web based Access Control and Management System with .net-technology with open interfaces and standard TCP/IP protocol is the basis for the high security solution requested by the customer.

Siemens readers and controllers with LAN technology were installed for the application of RFID ID Cards with MIFARE chip technology, Secure Multi Application Card of Siemens and Phillips.
The Security System includes:

  • 40 doors with 80 MIFARE readers
  • 20 controllers with direct LAN access, encrypted protocol
  • 2 double turnstiles
  • 2 personal sluices with biometric verification, 1 material sluice
  • 11 Emergency Exits
  • 2 redundant servers, 2 work stations
  • Integrated Digital Intruder Detection System with 120 PIRs, 140 seismic detectors and other detectors
  • 4 dynamic outdoor cameras with IR
  • more than 100 static cameras for indoor and outdoor usage

High Security System for Smart Card Factory