Our Services

  • Consulting service for security projects (VdS, EMV, Common Criteria and EN ) with security analysis
  • In house development of a web based multilingual Security Management for access control, video surveillance systems and other subsystems
  • Installation of online and offline access control systems with RFID, long range and biometrics (fingerprint, face recognition, iris scan)
  • Installation of event driven video surveillance with IP cameras, digital recorders, NAS and SAN
  • Installation of network-attached Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) with single addressable detectors
  • System integration of video surveillance, access control, IDS and security consoles
  • Integration into building automation (BACnet, EIB, KNX) with the connection to building management systems (OPC, OPC-UA, BACnet)
  • Project management with supervising electrical installation work and installation of sluices, turnstiles, bollards and barriers
  • Maintenance, servicing and support with periodic review of functionality