SEB Control Station

Security Control Station The Security Control Station build up graphical interaction with security subsystems like video surveillance, access control, fire detection, intruder detection but also central building control and management of air conditioning and ventilation and other BMS subsystems. With individually configurable processes the needs of the operator can be met perfectly. Depending on the operator logged in the system individual processing is feasible. Main features are:

  • the operator is the Key of the control system
  • easy handling
  • everything in focus

SecurityStation The Security Control Station is the graphical interface to all subsystem. All interactions can be done using the Security Management System or by using the subsystems. The Security Control Stations helps the user to:

  • Focus to alarm reason
  • Immediate additional information to clear situation
  • Checklist for guards according to given regulations
  • Documentation of chosen actions with timestamp according to the regulations
  • provide/receive event information from third-party security systems
  • provide/receive event information with building management systems
  • provide/receive event information from network
  • coordinate alarm/event data with emergency response systems
  • Integration tools enable advanced integration with existing business systems including bi-directionally exchange

Each asp page of the Security Management System can be linked to interactions or events of the Security Control Station.

The Security Management System has a lot of interfaces to third party manufacturers to be ready for extensions in the future