Mittelbayerische Zeitung, Germany

The Publishing House prints save!

The Mittelbayerische Verlag equipped its new printing center with safety technology from the
house of SEB well grounded. It was important for MZ, that the system could be adjusted to the
requirements of comfort or increased safety according to the circumstances.
In areas with low security, there is an electronic offline system, which is installed directly in the
locking cylinders. This eliminates the problems that arise when a central key is lost. In the areas
with higher security requirements, an online system is used, which is served with the same ID
cards or electronic keys, but immediately transmits information about access to a management
However, the system is not only used for security purposes. Thanks to the flexible configuration
of the system, certain access data can also be made available to the logistics department in
real time, which uses the data for the display of the tours. The system also helps to comply with
goverment noise regulations, and only vehicles which can be loaded immediately are navigated
to the company premises.