System Integration

SEB Security System Design

Each System will be defined together with customer according to the way of analysis of “Common Criteria(CC)“  which includes a safety analysis with threat scenario.

The security analysis will describe and define all processes, parts of systems, organization which are security relevant like Enrolment Process, interface to personalization system, Skill of Operations, Reporting systems, Methods for continuous check for abuse, Secure interfaces to 3rd  party devices, and others.

Our solution is an integrated system which ensures that the security persons have all information and tools, which they need, to make sure that they can handle every event for security reasons.

The System itself is designed as an online System with the possibility to run offline as well in case of a network breakdown. Redundancy is implemented as 3 level fall back system. Before delivery to the client the system is tested using agreed test cases and a pre-emptive acceptance test is done in demo centre of SEB.